maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

30 pvä all time lowta

moi stalkkasin netis atl tumblr'eja ja näin jonku tämmösen:

Day 1: Your favorite All Time Low song.

Day 2: Your favorite All Time Low album.

Day 3: Your All Time Low favorite lyric. 

Day 4: Your favorite All Time Low music video.

Day 5: Your favorite song All Time Low buzznet video
Day 6: A picture from an All Time Low concert that you took (If you’ve never been just steel one)

Day 7: Your favorite All Time Low picture

Day 8: Your favorite Alex Gaskarth picture.

Day 9: Your favorite Jack Barakat picture.
Day 10: Your favorite Zack Marrick picture.

Day 11: Your favorite Rian Dawson picture.

Day 12: Your favorite Alex Gaskarth quote.
Day 13: Your favorite Jack Barakat quote.

Day 14: Your favorite Zack Merrick quote.
Day 15: Your favorite Rian Dawson quote.
Day 16: Your favorite part of STD
Day 17: Your favorite live song

Day 18: A piece of All Time Low merchandise you own. 

Day 19: Your favorite All Time Low fanfic.

Day 20: A drawing/graphic you made about something related to All Time Low

Day 21: A paragraph about why All Time Low are so important to you
Day 22: How you found out about All Time Low

Day 23: A funny picture of All Time Low

Day 24: What would you do if you were trapped in a closet with All Time Low

Day 25: Your favorite crew member

Day 26: The first All Time Low song you heard.
Day 27: An All Time Low secret.

Day 28: if you wrote a letter to All Time Low, what would it say?

Day 29: A picture that reminds you about All Time Low
Day 30: What you love most about ALL Time Low

eli 30pvä aja teen noita. jeeeee.


paras kappale?
uhmm ne kaikki mut jos se nyt ykköne nii sanoisin
dear maria count me in

moikka en jaksa nyt tehä mtn :|

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